SOLVENT based degreasing -safe and secure with no shrinkage*

Beetle cleaning

Bird Skulls

Dermestid beetles are used by museums and researchers for animal skulls because they do a through job without hurting even fragile bones. 

Degreasing without cooking

Strong bone quality

Our degreasing method never uses heat** because we have seen the results: bone shrinkage, pitting, flakey or pastry white surface and open suture joints. 99% of our work is degreased with acetone.



For over 20 years we've cleaned large and small animals of an incredible variety. Each one was important to us, representing a customer's trust in our ability to preserve a valued specimen of God's creation.



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Don't get lost, we're easy to find! We have two drop-off locations for you to deliver heads in person. Otherwise, ship all heads to our shop in Maryland. 

[** Heat is sometimes used when skulls are too large for our standard degreasing containers.]

Company policies:

  •  Atlas Skull Cleaning will  not responsible for damage incurred from shipping, handling or processing while in our care.  Every effort will be taken to protect your specimen.
  • All heads shipped to us need to have been legally obtained. Customers are responsible for proof of license and permits.

* Shrinkage allowed is for normal drying.

Please follow CWD rules and regulations for your state.