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How to Ship:

Wrap the head in plastic and freeze it solid. Once frozen, encase it in newspaper and place it in a second bag- it will absorb any fluids. Label it clearly with the customer’s name. Pack heads tightly to keep them from shifting. Enclose the packing slip in plastic to protect it from moisture and ship early in the week. Label the box “TAXIDERMY ITEM”. Confirm it’s arrival by calling us or e-mail.

Over weight boxes may allow heads to bump or cause shipping damage – try to limit their size and weight. One way to lower your cost is to cut away large pieces of meat and removing the jaw if not wanted.

We don’t care what the box looks like, just make sure it’s strong and protects the contents. Protect deer tines with foam, garden hose or pieces of cardboard taped to the antler.

Each skull is insured for the price of our processing. If you want additional insurance notify us. Return shipping cost will be determined when the job is complete. No payment is due until your job is complete.

Our phone number is: 877-297-0220.

ATLAS Skull Cleaning assumes no responsibility for shipping damage. Ship to :




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