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Q: How long does it take to clean a skull?

A: It usually takes 3-4 months to beetle clean, degrease and whiten with peroxide. During hunting season, cleaning can take as long as 5 months. Large heads like bison, moose or elk take longer (and salted heads seem to take forever). We know what quality looks like and don’t cut corners.

Q: What common mistakes do people make preparing their skull?

A: Cutting the neck too close to the head is a common one. Try to cut around the atlas bone, the last one that holds up the head. Another one is salting the head to kill flies. Freeze it instead.

Q: What’s different about your work compared to guys that cook heads and power wash them clean?

A: We are noticeably different because heat processing changes bone – sometimes in minor ways, sometimes a lot. Minor differences can’t be seen on your computer screen, like discoloration or suture cracks. Major problems are cracked teeth or a stark white bone finish that shows decay has occurred. Power washing has the problem of flushing away delicate bone and an inability to get all the flesh out of hidden places. We use a museum level method, proven to preserve the bone. We degrease with solvents on 98% of our skulls.

Q: My skull has some yellow spots and isn’t completely white? Is there something that was done wrong and can it get fixed?

A:¬† We only experience this when we have skulls with extreme discoloration or blood has penetrated the bone because of bullet damage. This picture shows a bear skull that has not been shot but has serious discoloration. most likely it will be yellow. We’ll give it extra whitening time, but if we peroxide it for too long we might damage the surface of the bone.

Problem Bone Color

Problem Bone Color

If someone else has cleaned your skull and it is yellow or doesn’t look clean, send it to us to go through our process. We can often take adequate looking skulls and make them great!