Shipping and Prep. Can Be Easy and Safe

Always ship early in the week:

ATLAS Skull Cleaning

35 Lombard Road

Rising Sun, MD 21911

Please note that there is an additional charge for skinning the head.

  1. Place each head in a plastic bag and freeze it solid. (Tip: If you cut away excess meat before it is frozen you save on ship cost.)
  2. When you're ready to ship, wray the bagged head in newspaper so any thawing liquid is absorbed.
  3. Place the head in another bag and label it clearly with the customer's name.
  4. Pack the heads tightly to keep them from shifting and protect any deer tines from puncturing the box (this may be accomplished by using cut pieces of garden hose, taped pieces of cardboard or foam).
  5. Fill out a packing slip, or download ours above, with your contact information and a list of all contents. Seal the list in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture.
  6. Label the box: "Taxidermy Item" and you're ready to ship!

No payment is due until your job is complete. We will notify you of return shipping costs.

If additional shipping insurance is desired, please notify us.

We make every effort to process your skull in a timely manner, usually 3 to 4 months. However, problems sometimes occur and delays happen. 

Salted heads will take longer to process as well as dried out or freezer dried old heads; they may yellow as well. Tanned heads may take as much as a year to clean.


Additional tip:


Avoid cutting the back of the head

Always cut around the atlas vertebrae.

Click here for a packing slip (pdf)